Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sometimes the Good Guy Does Win

Okay, I know he holds the mike kind of funny - and what he does with his eyebrows is a little out there, but hey, the kid is 17 and those things are easy fixes.

His character, on the other hand - that's not something that can be "tweeked" quite so easily. This is the kid, who, when winning the coin toss to determine who performed first in the finale, asked his competitor what she wanted, and then he went with the opposite. The kid who quotes Phil. 4:13 in one of the 25 things you should know about him. And, upon winning, made hugging his entire family the priority (hence flubbing his finale song). When asked about winning, he gave credit to Lauren by saying, "It's been a year since Lauren Alaina and I tried out, me and her have been together since Day 1, and we're going to stay together." And, finally, and most significantly, when asked how he felt, "Never in my wildest dreams...I have to thank the Lord first. He got me here."

He's a 17 year old boy - nothing jaw-dropping about his appearance, but somehow his talent and who he is has won the hearts of America. I love Lauren and would have been content if she had won as well, but there's something about Scotty that makes me so proud - (especially during the duet with Tim!) - Way to go Season 10 American Idol Winner, Scotty McCreery!

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sara said...

For the first time, I think, I could say that I would have been happy with either!!! I was rooting for Lauren but I think Scotty is great..for all the reasons you listed!!