Saturday, May 07, 2011

When the Kids Are Away, How Us Parents Play...

Well, it started out at this place - awaiting our complimentary breakfast as part of the "Livingsocial" deal we got this weekend:

The wait was worth it - this was my entree, cinnamon roll french toast with apple compote - SO GOOD!

John and I aren't as skilled as the younger generation at the "hold the phone out" poses, but this was taken in front of the lodge, after breakfast.

Then, it was off to Sage Springs Spa, where we also had a deal on massage services. This picture should look familiar, but, unlike at Christmas-time, this time Stephie and Chele weren't reading books with me while hanging out here. Consequently, it was a bit lonely, and I ended up joining John in the Serenity Room rather than hanging out there indefinitely. The Deep Tissue Massage I had was divine...I was in that perfect drowsy condition where I was awake enough to realize how great it was and relaxed I was, but my mind wasn't distracted whirling with thoughts or carrying on conversation with the therapist. John also enjoyed his massage, and I felt a little ripped off when he didn't emerge from his service 10 minutes later than me....and he even got called to his room before I did... =(

Once we returned to the room, John surprised me with Mothers' Day presents - including gourmet Kettle and Carmel Corn to sneak into the theater when watching this:

I did like the movie - in that it was very engaging and the characters really drew you in. The "fiance" reminded me of a young Tom Cruise - I wonder if he's been in anything else?

Finally, we're back to this room, currently watching the Travel Channel and as a result, craving bar-b-q - which apparently isn't sold in the Sunriver Resort. Oh well, we'll figure out something for dinner, and if turns out anything like the rest of the day, it will be just perfect!

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Tiffany said...

I'm SO jealous....hehehe!!!;) What a great looking weekend and it's not even over!:D