Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Womens' Retreat

Last Friday, Lisa and I hit Camp Harlow for the Friday night event of our church's annual Women's Retreat. Since Brayden had an early morning basketball game, and John had a Mens' Breakfast also through our church (not the best timing), it didn't work for me to attend the Saturday event. (However, I was able to sneak in to listen to one of our college gal's testimony - both Laurel and Darcy did so great).

That was the main reason I was there - to support the efforts put forth by the college students. They were asked to provide a fun, entertaining Friday night, and they totally succeeded in those goals.

These two gals are Mary Ann and Abby, impersonating their alter-egos: "Pam and Gladys" two tv celebrities with their North Dakota talk show (that airs at 3am!). They are so hilarious!

This trio did a fantastic job with worship.....

This picture shows me and Lisa with our dear friend, Ann. Ann's been a part of our life since 2006 when she was the leader of the Bible Study we were part of. Our group bonded tremendously. Unfortunately, we weren't able to keep that same group together, but Lisa and Steph H. are able to still meet with her on Wednesday mornings, and, in a fun demonstration of how life goes full-circle, John has had the great opportunity to meet with her son who is a college student at the UO. Ann has a huge heart for the collegians - in fact, it was her and Kaela who orchestrated Friday night's activities. So, while I'm not still in her Bible Study (I can't make that morning time work with my kids' school time), I am blessed to be able to cross paths with her frequently. =)

At the far left is Laurel - the gal I snuck in on Saturday to listen to..... - seated in the middle is Mary - our head pastor's wife. Our pastor has only been at our church for less than two years, but we all love them so much. I look forward to getting to know them even better.

Becky (on my left) and Becca (on my right) - are housemates - and two gals I really like.

And, last but not least, Kaela and I..... =)

So, that's the Womens' Retreat......a quick visit, but fulfilling visit!

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