Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthday Lunch at Cornerstone

There's a group of about 10-12 women that comprise my "friendship circle" - in terms of ladies my age. This group (varying by a couple of people on each occasion, depending on who's the one being honored) tries to make an effort to celebrate each others' birthdays. Today was kind of nice because we got to celebrate two at once.....Amy and Nancy.

Amy's birthday was way-back-when in December, but it's always such a rough time to get together everyone. And, that's without the extra complication of her neck surgery and recovery. It worked out perfectly tying it in with Nancy's celebration.

And, Nancy - her birthday was last week. Two very extraordinary women that are very loved by all of us. As you can see by these last two shots, one of the best parts of these gatherings are sharing the hilarious cards folks give each other. So funny!!

Here's the group of us. Lisa Q. was supposed to be there, and she had nearly left the house when her daughter had to be picked up from her school with a migraine. We missed you Lisa!

Next up - Lisa S. - where shall we meet to celebrate you?

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