Saturday, February 27, 2010

CCF Talent Show

Last night the Whites and us attended CCF's annual Talent Show. This is our second year going, and I think the entertainment last night exceeded the previous year we went.
There was magic - an ongoing spoof of CCF's oldest sponsor (he and his wife were faithfully there when we attended), as he "helped" in about 5 acts different "first-timers" pull off tricks. It was very cute......
There was singing and instrumental acts, including a few with some SERIOUS talent.

And, then, there was the favorite included about 6 collegians doing a very long routine to different genres of dance music classics. When you know these kids as rather "straight-laced" individuals, watching them perform the moves to "THRILLER" is absolutely a crack-up. Another big hit of the night was 6 gals dressed in black with glow sticks taped to their outfits in stick figure shape. With the lights out, it was a super cool effect of them performing to "Single Ladies". I knew the girls in that one pretty well - and was really pleased with one of them especially who normally wouldn't be quite as daring......with no one able to recognize her face (and I was sitting front row so this was very true) she demonstrated the courage. Way to go girl!
The final act of the night tore down the house with one of the veteran members of the Trinity House changing the lyrics to that song sung in "Shrek" ("I like big butts and I can not lie...." that's all I know of it, I know it is a real song, but that's my point of reference) - to "Girl Got Book" - about how attractive a girl with a good Bible is. I'm telling you, that was Danielle's glory moment as she rapped her way through that song with all of us roaring in laughter - not to mention the antics of all of the other dancers/performers with her (even Brayden got pulled up to dance on that one). I'll have to upload the video for you on that one when it becomes available.
All in all, a GREAT night. Brayden brought Jack with him and I think they are convinced they'll do an act together next year. As it was, their "British Accent for the Night" routine had us cracking up. Finally, on the way home from dropping off Jack, here's Brayden's last act of entertainment as posted by Stephie White on Facebook: "Brayden was quite loud on the ride home from the CCF Talent Show Tonight. What came out of it was what I believe is the 'quote of the year'. John: 'Brayden, you can probably just zip it for the rest of the ride home.' Brayden: (after a short pause...) 'Um, my zipper's stuck.' I love you kid!!!!"

P.S. - All these great images are courtesy of Kaela - thank you!!!

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