Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beautiful Baptism

Today was a very, very special morning. Not only did Mikayla get baptized, but John got to be "in the tank" with her and ask her if she's asked Jesus to live in her heart and if she will follow him for the rest of her life. (She said "yes" to both!) =) I will upload a video once we figure out how that new gizmo works. John was able to also share with the congregation how last year Mikayla commented to us that because of being around the college students, she really understands now what it means to follow Jesus.

It was incredibly beautiful - and very blessedly, Julie and Kaela were able to man the cameras to catch these shots (while I took care of our new videocamera).


sara said...

I just smiled through all these pictures. it is such an amazing feeling to see our kids take a step of faith!

StephieAnne said...

Isn't it? At the end of our after-church party, the younger kids started asking for all the Bibles in the house, so all the kids in attendance would have one in hand. They had started a Bible Club...they had gathered change for a tithing bowl, put up an envelope with papers in it for prayer requests, and had a membership and newcomers sign-in. Talk about making your heart melt!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of sheer joy on John's face - I remember I felt the same way - and I gave the same tight hug despite the soaking wet kid! At that moment the only two people there were me and Rachel/Isabel. That's awesome.