Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Feeling Like A BIGGEST LOSER To Be So LOST In the Life of My Favorite BACHELOR, CHUCK

How about that for a blog post title?

There's no clues as to what keeps me entertained in the evening hours, huh?

Seriously, I find myself extremely thankful in these icky winter months for the cozy shows that my family follows in the evenings. On certain days that it just rains and rains - considering an upcoming episode of CHUCK - being able to cuddle up with my best friend to watch it - that's what gets me through.

When I'm on minute 17 of my workout, and think "Do I really want to continue?" - considering the plight of those contestants on BIGGEST LOSER - that's what gets me through.

As for BACHELOR - well, that's just a guilty pleasure. I followed Jake on the previous season with Jillian and think he is a really upstanding guy. Why he has kept Vienna on, well, that's beyond me - but haven't we all met folks in our life that act a completely different way depending on who their company is? I think that and serious immaturity is her story. My favorite is Tenley - and of course, that would have nothing to do with the fact that she's from Oregon - and actually has ties to a few people I know..... =)

Finally, LOST. Sigh...... That show is like a puzzle that those of us viewers have been putting together for the past five years. I love the depth of it - the challenge. It's almost its own mental sharpening tool just trying to figure it all out (not to mention trying to remember what happened nearly 9 months ago!). John and I had to hit the pause button a couple of times to remind ourselves what was going on, and what had gone on. These are the days that I love my DVR, and I love my east coast feed on DirecTV (we got grandfather'd into that when we initially signed up years and years ago before they offered local channels - it's a pretty fluke thing around here, as even employees of DirecTV aren't able to access that perk. For our family, who all like to be in bed by 9, it's a very beautiful thing). Tonight, we were able to watch AMERICAN IDOL, the premiere 2 hour episode of LOST and fast forward through the highlights of BIGGEST LOSER before 9:30.

And, yes, this is the post that I hesitate to blog about - because I can just imagine what might be rolling through the random reader's mind. But, hey, why start worrying about that now, huh?

P.S. One of the only bummers about the east coast channels is getting their weather forecasts - currently New York City has had about two hours of snow already - with school delays/closures already being talked about. I'm not such a happy camper about this El Nino weather pattern that has kept us plenty gloomy - but has kept the snowfall at bay......ick.


j.nelson said...

... nice blog title. i just got back from pb brownies.vanilla ice cream. stranger than fiction. homework what? sorta 2 hour distraction. now back to a .. welp you know it.. the first all nighter of the year! thanks for kicking it off with a great post.

oh vienna.. oh vienna..

but okay really steph how the pa-hoolies did you come up with that title... stumble over it.. or did you work on it for a bit?

StephieAnne said...

It really came quite easily Julie, (the title) - I guess I'm talented in that skill of putting my favorite tv shows in a sentence. It's a good thing Survivor, Amazing Race, and Flashforward aren't on......


Anonymous said...

i love your love for tv. it consumes my life in the winter months too.

Lost was so good last night!!!!