Thursday, February 18, 2010

"B" and Me

Occasionally John will call Brayden simply "B" - so I thought that made for a cute title.....

Another date night for the two of us.....once again at the theater - that's "our thing". Right before winter break, Brayden's class did a short unit on mythology - and his teacher read aloud PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS - THE LIGHTNING THIEF. Brayden really enjoyed the book and has been reading the sequels. He "strongly urged" me to choose that as my next audiobook to download on my ipod - as that's what I do when I work out. As you've probably determined by now, I'm a big sucker for fantasy and sci-fi - and sometimes these books aimed at pre-teens are right up my alley. Listening to them while I work out is a hugely needed distraction. I also was quite fascinated with the Greek and Roman mythology growing up - I still remember seeing CLASH OF THE TITANS as a very small child in a drive-in theater - and loving it. Interesting side-note - in our study of Genesis this year, our pastor noted that some of these very myths could have been based on the Nephillim that roamed the Earth prior to the flood......wild!

So, anyway.....back to the date night - I listened like crazy yesterday to complete the last 3 of the 12 or so hours of the audiobook. (And, no it wasn't all exercising - I wish!). I did it - so I was ready to take Brayden to go see the movie - just him and I. I love, love, love these times with him - getting junk food for dinner, spoiling him more than normal - holding his hand as we race to the ticket counter. And, having him clutch on to me during the scarier scenes.

As far as the movie goes - I think if you'd never read the book, and you were the right "demographic" - you'd really enjoy it. Brayden and I were disappointed that there were considerable differences between the screenplay and the book - but it was necessary in order to condense and simplify the plot. Just different..... No worries, though, we were super captivated throughout.

The great thing is, this is a 5 book series, and based on the box office results, I'm guessing we'll have some guaranteed date nights in the not so distant future awaiting us!

P.S. - Not to be outdone, John and Mikayla had their own special time too - roasting s'mores at Johnny Oceans - and picking out (yet another) Webkinz. They made up hand motions to their favorite "date night" song (Free to Be Me) - and altogether had a blast. No pictures though....=(


Anonymous said...

I also had a date night with my son to see this movie! We've already read the entire series. :) I think Tyler liked it more than I did. I was disappointed by how different it was from the book, and to me the sexuality was amped up to more of a high schooler's level - but we had a lot of fun going to a movie on our own for the first time. Definitely something to do again! The books are really good and can easily lead to some discussion about the differences between "gods" and "God." I'm so glad we don't worship Greek gods!

StephieAnne said...

NO kidding! (About that last line). Yeah, the introduction of Persephone was like "what?!!!" But, that's Hollywood....

And, we've also had some good chats regarding it all.... =)