Monday, February 08, 2010

AAA - It's Not Just for Travel Discounts

I've been a AAA member for the last several years - strictly for the discounts it's provided when we travel and, of course, the extra coupons we get that have saved us a ton at the local outlet mall (that you get when you are a member). Up until today, I have never used the membership for its primary purpose - which would be automotive/roadside assistance.

But, that all changed this afternoon. About a mile after hearing a mysterious pop, my van decided to betray me. I thought for sure the transmission had final failed me. It has been an issue for a while - and all of a sudden it felt like the car had skipped to third gear. It was making a terrible rumble, and I couldn't drive very fast. I pulled off and called John. He suggested restarting it, but we both felt like the "end was near" and a lot of money was soon going to need to be forked out to replace or repair it. Restarting it, didn't help, in fact the whole car started shaking, and we barely made it to the next pull-off. I told John I started to smell something, and - could it be - oh yes, it is a very FLAT tire. Whew!!!!! That, we could handle.

Since I've never changed a flat tire (I know, so bad) - and since I've had this membership that I've paid for - why not use it. And, by golly, I'm really appreciating it at this point. Way to go AAA!

Mikayla was quite entranced by the whole experience (after the initial scare of our van rebelling against us) - she even peered underneath the vehicle to determine where the spare tire was. The gentleman that AAA dispatched was such a nice guy, "Ron" - I felt totally comfortable with him helping us out and making small talk. And, of course, I felt comfortable not having to be the one to change the tire!

So, that was my excitement for the day. Here I thought getting my eyes dilated was enough excitement (and it would have to be the day that it was super sunny here!).....

How about you? I read on Sara's Facebook that the "Snowmegedon" has wreaked its havoc in her neck of the woods....(and, yes, I'm jealous). Also, any favorites among the Superbowl ads?

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cjoy said...

That was definitely exciting...we finally buckled and got AAA about a year and a half ago. Almost immediately, my car battery died and they earned their keep. :) When it came time to renew the membership, we did so without hesitation, then prompltly my hubby locked his keys in his car - again, they paid for themselves that night.
I also discovered that Payless Shoes and the UPS store give me discounts for having it...I can never remember who else offers them, but I'm working at it! (And yes, they have very nice people who come and help...we've noticed.)