Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If It's Not Going to Snow.....Then Welcome Spring!

As I've been whining, unlike much of the Eastern half of the United States - the Northwest has been very warm in comparison to usual years. It's a classic "El Nino" weather pattern - and just like Vancouver's Winter Olympics, our results have been lack of snow. In fact, that week we stayed in Sunriver after Christmas is really one of only a couple weeks this whole season that they had snow - I consider it a huge gift from God that He gave us that special week of fluffy white stuff!

So, I'm giving in. I'm no longer hoping for snow...(though in Oregon, it has arrived as late as April)......I'm heralding the return of spring, which, we shouldn't be surprised, is coming very early. The next three days are supposed to be right around 60 degrees - and, I think that means I'm pulling out the capris. I'm super excited for a hike which I'll be taking with Julie and Kaela on Friday as well....there should be some spectacular pictures on that day.....right before the rains return. Because even though our snowpack is low, and the temps have been warmer - it still seems like we've had just as much "wet and gray" as always......

So, come back to us sunshine - and welcome little flowering buds. We've missed you!


j.nelson said...

kudos on the images steph~

i can't wait till friday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Steph. See you tomorrow. Steph H.

cjoy said...

love your pictures! I was in Oregon many, many years ago...it's such a beautiful state. I am amazed spring is showing it's face anywhere right now, but at least it's lovely to behold!

Anonymous said...

Upside: little blooming flowers and fat buds on the trees

Downside: That TALL grass needs to be MOWED!