Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gettin' Outta Dodge

I wonder where that expression came from.....oh well, it makes for a good title post for the weekend.

I'm sitting in the Schillings cozy living room, watching the DVR'd Olympic Opening Ceremonies from last night. The rest of the family is going to head out to watch Traig's basketball game, however, I've volunteered to stay behind so the three girls can remain here - and not be bored in the gym. I'm such a giver......

The dogs will be here to protect me as well. Baxter is such a cuddle-bug.
Ironically, while we've escaped here to the Michael and Michele's house - our house back in Eugene was used as an escape last night for Kelli and Julie. I gave Julie the go-ahead to use our drier, and after starting some laundry, (and with a few texts of encouragement), they settled in, enjoyed our pantry full of sugar-laden goods, and tv. (Though I understand our remotes were just a little persnickety with them.....) It feels good to know the house is being loved in even in our absence.

Sometimes it just feels good to get away. Even if it means just transferring my rear end from one couch (at home) to another (here). But, here means no rooms that need to be cleaned, or other chores begging for completion (except what I brought). It's a get-away - and we're very thankful for it.


cjoy said...

Sounds perfect!

j.nelson said...

day two at the riley residence... just started a fire. unwinding from the fun day. and hitting it solo mission to get some homework done! i have moved in :)