Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Happens When You Let Two Eight Your Old Girls Use Your Make-Up

They thought it would be a really great idea to try and apply the make-up on each other with blindfolds on.....this was the end product:
Scary, huh?

Poor Mikayla still had cheeks that were bright red this morning from scrubbing so hard to get it all off last night!

How thankful I am for both of them to have each other - may this sweet little friendship last a long, long time!


sara said...

next time use cold creme or Vaseline to take it off....won't have to scrub so much!!!

such sweet friendship!

StephieAnne said...

Yeah, silly me let them take care of themselves when they took their bath..... =)

cjoy said...

Haha! Oh the fun! I was thinking this week that I wonder what my 5yr old would do if I offered to let her put my makeup on I'm not so sure! :)

Anonymous said...

Is that some kind of glitter bronzer? I must say, you wear it so much more inconspicuously.....