Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treating

Forgive the blurriness of these pictures, I realized I should have been using my camera about half way through our adventure - I opted to avoid the flash, and that's what you get. Anyhow... it shows some of the fun that we had of taking THAT many adults and THAT many kids (11) all out to go trick or treating together. I love the area where we live, the further you go down the street, the nicer the houses get, and since it's not a thoroughway - you don't have to worry (hardly ever) about traffic. We always start out early, and then get back in time so we're able to indulge in the chili feed back home. This year, the Quigleys, Whites, Johnsons, Meyers, Lisa's parents, Leona, and my mom and dad joined us...

Another table spread this week (no, not the same apples, just so you know...) - I forgot to take a picture on Monday of the punch we made. It's made with 2 liters of orange soda, a gallon of orange sherbet/vanilla icecream combo, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, and one can of orange juice concentrate - and it's SOOOOO GOOOOD!

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