Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sydney Needs a New Bed

On Friday, John and I committed one of those terrible crimes we get really bothered when other people do to us. We made a last minute request to our best friends to dump our dog with them. YES, we were some of THOSE people, who pretend to be so self-important that advance notice isn't necessary when asking a big favor, and seem to expect that our friends are simply sitting around waiting for us to request their service, effort, and time! Our bads, but bless the Whites' hearts, they took Sydney anyway, despite Syd's very inconsiderate owners.

Not only did they sweetly house our doggy, but they sent us an email that said this on Saturday night:

Hey Mom and Dad! I think I need a bigger bed over at the White's house........

She's having fun; we're having fun; and we'll see you when you get home.


Don't you just love her rear end hanging over the back of a bed made for a dog the size of a beagle? And that put off look on her face that says, "The accommodations here are just not what I am accustomed to!"

At our house, she loves our old big blue bean bags. Last year, at Christmas, we purchased some crimson colored ones that I pulled out when I decorated for Harvest. She is so offended by these smaller, less cushy ones. When the blue beanbags aren't out, she just paces around staring at us, bothered at our lack of consideration in accommodating her. What a goofball!

Thanks again, Whites! And, yes, now we know what Syd will be asking for on her letter to Santa this year!


Stephietoo said...

We still love you guys! Thanks for posting. I know I told you I would do a guest post for these pictures, but I have been so swamped with work that I just didn't have a chance to send you something.

We love you guys! Stephie

Growin' with it! said...

oh sydney...you've made me laugh hysterically this morning and although i feel so sorry for you....henry would like you to know his bed is inside our closet these days and so a comfie bean bag in the living room sounds simply divine!

gotta love friends who take your "baby" in a heartbeat like that!