Saturday, October 25, 2008


I know, I'm never going to live this down, but I'm a bit bummed. We just went and saw the last "official" installment of "High School Musical" at the theater. I'm sure there will be more HSM of some form or another - but, from what I'm lead to believe, no more including Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor, Sharpay, and Ryan. Sigh...

I won't give anything anyway, (I'd be very bothered if someone did that to me), but I was very happy with the movie. Stick around in the theater to watch all through the credits - there's some cute bloopers, followed by a video done by "Stan", the winner of "Get in the Picture" - the High School Musical reality show that ABC aired over the summer.

Travis and Stephanie came with us, and pretended our kids were their's so there would be a purpose for them to be there too. (Since we came separately, we debated ditching them and seeing if they'd still attend).

While I'm on the subject of those two - I'd like to solicit some prayers for Stephie. She went in for a MRI last week to rule out other concerns as she's begun having migraines. The MRI showed either a bleed or calcification of her pineal gland. This is the gland that regulates sleep - which would make a lot of sense as even top sleep specialists shake their head at just how bad Steph's body is in terms of being incapable of getting to sleep or reaching the proper REM state. Stephanie and Travis are pretty sure it's a calcification issue as her body produces too much calcium, hence the very frequent kidney stones she has. But, as for what is done if that is the case... that's a big mystery.

Stephanie goes in for a CAT scan to get more clarification on Wednesday, so please pray for her anxiety between now and when the results come back and for an easy-to-solve diagnosis.

Thank you everyone, and enjoy another crisp, beautiful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Well, Stephie's problems certainly put mine into perspective. I will be praying for her and for a clear path of action.

I'm so glad to hear HSM3 is good! I am so looking forward to seeing it on the big screen!

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for Stephie.

I haven't seen any of the HSM movies yet. We're still in Princess-land. (urk)

Happy weekend!


HollieHobbie said...

I took Emma to the MIDNIGHT showing of HSM3 on Friday morning! Crazy Mama..... I thought it was very cute and worth the late night. But I am still paying for it even on Sunday!

Shoot, Stephie! You'll be in our prayers. I am so sorry that you are going through such pain.

StephieAnne said...

Good for you, Hollie - what a precious memory that will be for Emma that her mommy cared enough to do that- Were the lines just crazy?

HollieHobbie said...

No lines at all. I had pre-bought the tickets, but there were only about 50 "crazy enough people to be there at midnight" in the theater.

Stephietoo said...

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. I may not know anything until Friday, or even Monday of next week, but I am sure Stephie will keep everyone posted.

HSM3 was so cute! I really enjoy the HSM series. Travis really has to be commended for going with me because he isn't into HSM.... He is a good man for attending for me, and the Rileys.