Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Leona!

We just returned from PF Chang's celebrating John's mom's birthday. She turned 69 yesterday! It hasn't been the easiest stretch for her as she got Shingles over the summer and the pain has really been destructive - and has lasted much longer than it should. However, in what appears to be a big birthday gift from God, she said today was much better than it's been (pain-wise), so I'm very happy for her- and pray that she's on the quick road to full recovery.

It was Brayden's first visit to PF Chang's and between the chopsticks, Honey-crisp chicken, and fortune cookies, he was well-pleased. Thanks, Leona, for the opportunity to celebrate and for making Brayden, Mikayla, and I's evening with your choice of such a fine restaurant - not to mention, great company. (John likes the place as well, but has dined there more often, with work, so it's not as special for him).

I'll try to keep Mikayla from coercing you next year with your restaurant choice next year, though!

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