Monday, October 13, 2008

Stent Procedure #3

Happy Monday everyone!

I'd like to request prayer for my dad this morning as he is at the hospital so that the third stent can be put in. Originally, at the time when the other two stents were put in, the doctors anticipated a 45% blockage on that artery behind the heart. However, when Dad went in to see the doctor a few weeks ago for his follow-up, they told him that the blockage was actually 85%. No wonder he's still not feeling completely up to speed!

So, this is a planned procedure - and therefore there isn't a lot of risk. He'll stay overnight and be discharged tomorrow. However, anytime the heart is involved.... it just seems a little scary. So, please be praying for him - and then, of course, for a quick and complete full recovery - having him feel better than he has in years!



Growin' with it! said...

will do sister sue! i'll pray for peace for you as well. so hard seeing a daddy "undergo" anything!

Stephietoo said...

Mom (since I know you read this blog)-

If there is anything Travis and I can do, please let us know. We are praying for you, dad (and mom).

Stephie- just let me know if you need anything, and please give me a call and let me know how things are going. Love you! Stephietoo

Anonymous said...

chele said...

Since Steph is currently on a walk, I decided to provide the latest update for her...
Dad is recovering and doing GREAT!!! (Mom says that he is eating French toast and chatting it up with the nurses already :))
Since that artery blockage was upped to 90%, we are so thankful that the procedure was done in a timely fashion - and that it is DONE! On behalf of all of the family, thank-you so much for all of your prayers!

StephieAnne said...

Thanks Michele - just got back and was going to leave an update - and there you go! Awesome news - thanks for the prayers!