Saturday, October 04, 2008

Not Quite

I was honestly going to title this post: "Finally, a Day That Went Like It Was Supposed to". And then, when we got to the end of the day, I realized that title no longer applied......

Yesterday was the first "No School" day of the year and I had originally hoped to take the kids on a beautiful hike up the Cascades. However, a rain storm has come in, so that completely changed. Instead, I put together a plan that I thought would keep us all happy.

First stop, "Original Pancake House". We all had our hearty appetites and favorite entrees and because of a little "Mommy Foresight" - I had brought a fun workbook with me so they could do wordsearches and crosswords while they were waiting. It worked! I felt pretty smug.

Next stop was "Borders". They have an "Educator Discount Weekend" and while I'm not currently employed in the profession, I feel like my degree should count for something, so my "Sub Card" did merit a 25% discount. The kids had no problem finding some books they really wanted - (more than I had planned), but this occurring at the end of the day (on their own initiative) made it all worthwhile:

The next stop was a pretty safe one. I had free credits at Blockbuster so the kids could each pick out a movie, and Brayden, a game. That one was a sure bet.

We then headed home and surprisingly, the kids were very content to hang out, play on the computer and co-exist peacefully. I even managed to make a couple of apple pies for some deserving friends. The day was going shockingly smooth.

At four, both kids had activities. Mikayla was picked up to go to dance, and Brayden was off to football. The plan then had them both going to Amy's house for the evening so that John and I could go out to eat and see "Eagle Eye" at the theater. We were both very excited for our date night.

HOWEVER, (and you knew this was coming), when we arrived at Red Robin, John was just not feeling right. In fact, after this picture was snapped: we both noted just how tired John looked and like a self-fulfilling prophecy, it went downhill from there. He canceled his dinner order, we finished off our appetizers and headed home, so that he could immediately fall asleep on the couch (with a bucket perched next to him as he was feeling nauseous). I ended up picking the kids up from Amy's at 8, and we had a little slumber party in Mikayla's room (hence the above picture of them reading).

OK, so it didn't quite go completely as planned. I'll still take it. In fact, we ended up saving a lot of calories and money by missing that Friday night movie cost and buttered popcorn. But, it was disappointing to miss out on some quality time with my man. We'll try again, another time.....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day (except for the sick man part.) I hope he is feeling better and that the rest of your family will be immune if it is a "bug"!

Happy weekend!

Growin' with it! said...

poor fella. and what a flexible mom!