Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Good Grief!

Last night, while we watched "Chuck" (yes, I'm going to keep plugging this show - I want it to stay on the air!) - I sat down with some of the school stuff that I've needed to sort through. Here's some of the stuff from that stack:

2 Sally Foster Catalogs that need to be purchased from by Thursday
2 Jog-a-thon forms with lines for kids to seek out signatures from friends/family asking for money for our school
2 Book Fair fliers advertising how we can raise money for our school by buying books
2 Book Fair volunteer request forms
2 Jog-a-thon volunteer request forms
2 Sets of Scholastic book orders
1 First Grade volunteer request form
1 First Grade Field Trip description sheet for the field trip I'm helping with today
1 Fourth Grade "Extra Help Needed For...." sheet
1 Email requesting a sign-up to bring treats in for staff
1 Conference form asking me to indicate my 1st-3rd choices for conferencing

Just a little overwhelming......


Family O'Foxes said...

I'm a Chuck fan also. I haven't seen this year because my son's gymnastics doesn't get done until 8:30 pm and then the long drive back to this side of town. So, when I get home Chuck is just ending.

Wow, you are going to be Queen Volunteer.
Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the paperwork. Every year I make a few visits to Ross looking for some magical box system to help me remember the forms that must be returned, and when, and with how much money (still haven't found it)...plus I have to coordinate with Shanne and try to avoid giving him paperwork to lose/misplace. And then when we forget a paper, or a book - man I hear about it through the kids and I just want to send back nastygrams saying I'M DOING THE BEST I CAN WITH THE PILES YOU GIVE ME EVERY DAY. (But instead I offer grace, haha....)

I'm a little scared for what happens next year when I have 3 kids in school!!

Growin' with it! said...

wears ya out, doesn't it?!

LiteraryGirl said...

I dread opening backpacks after school...the amount of stuff they bring home every night is insane. I'm with you on this one. I can barely stay on top of it, who am I kidding, I don't stay on top of it!