Sunday, October 19, 2008

Buena Vista Ferry

We had decided in advance to leave Tadmor after lunch and head over to Michael and Michele's so we could watch the OSU game with them and have a little R&R before heading back to Eugene Sunday morning for church and Brayden's football game.

Tadmor is located outside of Lebanon, so we started out on back roads and decided to avoid the freeway and make our way to Michele's along every back route we could. I finally saw a sign that indicated we were heading toward Independence (not too far from M&M's hometown of Dallas) and then realized this route would take us across the Buena Vista Ferry. John's response was "Are you kidding me?", but as I assured him it was for real and open, he was eager to give it a try.

Heather posted about this within the year and it reminded me that it is still in service, as I haven't gone that route since my early days of college. The experience was so sweet and nostaligic, the kids got a true kick out of it.

The really funny thing is that once we got across the river, we noticed the sign said that Independence was actually going in the direction of the other side of the river. (I can be such a dumb dumb sometimes!). Rather than go across again, we took a longer route and ended up crossing back over the river via the traditional Independence bridge. No matter, it was a fun roadtrip, we were able to listen to the games on the radio, and the scenery was gorgeous.

This weekend feels like it has stretched forever for me, and I so wish I could repeat another Sunday to prepare for the week, but it's been a great weekend for us as a family. Very bonding...


Growin' with it! said...

the view from this looks awesome! bet the foliage was pretty. and of course i bet you made big points in the sweet memory banks of your kiddos. hey...missed chatting w/ you this morning. i'm always such a spazoid on sundays, so i was glad you posted about the retreat! i'm proud of you. sounds like it went good.

Stephietoo said...

How fun. Hey, I missed talking with you last night, but I had to go take care of something. Travis enjoyed talking with you though, and was happy to be able to have some 'talk time' with his 'sister' again. He said that it had been too long! :o)

Anonymous said...

funny thing - as long as i've lived in the area - I've never beeno n that ferry!