Friday, November 02, 2007

Brayden's Essay

We had our parent conference with Brayden's teacher yesterday. No new surprises - we are dealing with the same compliments and same "need for improvements" as we have been for the last four years. We walked away smiling at our son, very pleased with his teacher, and motivated once again to pull out the handwriting book and work with Brayden on paying attention to directions and details.......

One of the projects he's been working on this last month is a five paragraph auto-biography. Brayden still has a long way to go in understanding the technical aspects of how to write paragraphs and proper sentence structure and flow - but the content made me forget all of that and brought tears to my eyes. Here's what he wrote - I think you will notice he definitely has some themes going on.....

I am Brayden Riley. I love my small family and for my free time I would play video games of watch tv. When I grow up I am going to be a professional football player for the Colts.

I love my family. They are really nice. I never want to trade them. They take me a lot of places and give me a lot of surprises. They are the coolest. My dad loves watching me play football. He throws me the ball and catches my throws. My mom gives me a lot of advice and truly helps me when I am sad. She helps me with my homework.

I would want to be a super star and sing for the Lord. It will rock! I love Him so much and once I die I am going to have the most fun in the whole wide world.

When I grow up I want to play for the Oregon Ducks. I would play with Dennis Dixon and Jonathon Stuart. I would like to play quarterback or running back. I would help make them number one in the nation. It would help them so much.

I have a great small family. My goal is to play for Indianappolis with Peyton Manning. I also want to sing for the Lord. When I grow up I am going to play for the Ducks and Dennis Dixon.

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Stephietoo said...

That's my boy!!!!!! I love your little family too and I love being a part of your extended family. Love you guys!