Sunday, November 18, 2007

Odds and Ends

I just haven't felt super motivated to blog lately. Perhaps because I have to wrench my computer away from my daughter whenever I want to use it. Perhaps, because, quite honestly, I'm still grieving just a bit. I've shared the Duck highs on these blog posts and Thursday was a day dreams were dashed. I feel a little silly saying all this, as I know a lot of you readers out there aren't avid Duck/sports fans, but then again, I just read an article by the sports columnist of the RG, and he summed up our feelings to a T. Based on that, and chit-chat among other like-minded fans, I know John and I aren't alone. I am just super sad for Dennis Dixon, the whole team, and the Cinderella-dream-come-true-that-was-so-close-to-reality that was this season. Sigh..... OK, enough about that.

Heather, way late, but thanks for the sweet comment on the "twins" post - way late, but Michele just told me you commented - as I commented back in response, "right back at ya - and we didn't know how good we had it at Briggs".

Really cute story currently being quoted to me by Michele:
"While driving down to Aunt Stephanie's, Traig asked me in sincerity, "Mom, how come Santa lives at the North Pole and not the South Pole, - the South Pole is bigger." We discussed this to be true and determined Santa must have a good reason. Following a lengthy pause, Traig sheepishly admits, "Well, Mom, when I did the GOOGLE EARTH, I didn't see any castles where Santa lives." Well, what did you see? "Just a lot of white". He followed this up by asking me if perhaps Santa lives under the earth, like in the Santa Clause movies and whether or not there's a real pole to mark the location.

He may be a kid of science, but he still believes...... so adorable........

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