Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day of Rest

In contrast to the festive, yet frantic pace of Thursday and Friday - yesterday and today have been much more low key. There has been lots of efforts to organize, re-work on lists, and distribution of gifts for future giving. The Duck game was a sad lowlight, but, a bit expected. Poor wounded team, I just feel so sorry for them.

Michele and the kids left this afternoon, only to return again this Thursday for another weekend stretch together. I have spent the time since she has been gone holed up in my bedroom watching "Single Santa Seeking Mrs. Claus" and its sequel. Cute movies on the Hallmark channel if you haven't caught them before. I was putting away laundry, laying out clothes and ironing all outfits for the week to come, because, quite frankly, I am very scared of this coming week.

As I previously eluded to in a past post - it is the perfect storm of weeks in terms of crazy busy-ness. Brayden's involvement in "School House Rock Jr." means every night he will be involved in at least 2 1/2 hours (if not longer), in practices, rehearsals, performances, and cast parties. Mikayla's involvement in the church choir means two rehearsals this week with her "big show" on Sunday night. Throw in Brayden's soccer game, Dad's 60th birthday, John's dad's birthday, Mikayla's birthday party on Sunday (WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!!!), and then watching Michele's kids while they are at Michael's employers' Christmas Party Saturday night. Did I mention the Harlow Auction on Friday night and hosting my wonderful mentoree over to bake cookies with me earlier in the week? Yes, I am a little concerned how I am going to make it.

I hesitate in whining about all these things for a couple of reasons. One, I know I am blessed to have these events in our lives and any one of them are not whine-worthy. Two, I chose to allow many of them to happen for our family. And, three, I bet many people would happily trade places with me for this week or any other week..... I don't have to face a harsh reality and I do feel very blessed. However, with all of that said, I am a little anxious about it all. I am trying to prepare as best as possible and I certainly don't want to wish a week away (especially in this most wonderful time of year), but I think there will be a part of me that will be very happy come Sunday afternoon when Mikayla's party is over. I'll be singing Hallelujiahs along with her little choir that evening......

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Charisa said...


Wow! You've been busy! We just got your Christmas letter and the BEA--U-tiful picture of your family! I just had to go on your "blogspot" and check it out. I miss ya! And would love to see you if you are up this way...or I'm down that way sometime.