Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!

Traditionally, this has been one of my favorite days of the year - especially every other year when it means Michele and I are hanging out together, making Thanksgiving treats and attending Mikayla's pre-school Harvest Party (this year, Kindergarten).

This is the year with Michele, and it has been a splendid day - however, it was a little hampered by the 2:30 bedtime I had last night because I procrastinated a four hour project until 10pm. (Note to self: begin the "Giving Tree" labels a little bit earlier in 2008.....) But, even that was pretty cozy. Kids were strewn all over the living room, the fire was going, the "Home for the Holidays" candle burning (I LOVE THAT SMELL!), and I just kept hitting play to reruns that had been DVR'd, only able to listen as I was staring at the computer---

Michele is currently working on cinnamon rolls for tomorrow morning. She kind of has a bee in her bonnet today in the kitchen, it's been quite a while that she's been limited to the confines of the trailer kitchen, so she's been perfecting pie crusts and punching yeast-risen dough all over the place. I made toffee (yes, it took two attempts), a raspberry cheesecake, and a new cookie recipe - we'll see how it goes over. Fun stuff......

Mikayla - showing off her classroom to her cousins-

Kids and dogs in the kitchen - a treasure to have them all there, but as you can see from the mixer and finger licking, there was only so much help to be had from them......
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Yes, a day indeed that I have been most thankful for!


StephieAnne said...

Coolest "Heads Up" for everyone, courtesy of a surprise visit by some buddies of ours who were sharing their Thanksgiving traditions.

If you go to "" and then link to Thanksgiving, you can find some printables for Macy's Day Parade BINGO printables. So cool - what a great idea! They also have a Thanksgiving Football BINGO printable which we'll also be using.

Thanks for the great idea Mertz family!

HollieHobbie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Steph, Michelle and family. It is so fun and cozy to read about you and Michelle together.
ps: what were the cookies?