Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh BOY!!!!

I am feeling much better today - so on to a much more lighthearted post. My thoughts are not far from two of my best friends both dealing with close friends who are suffering tremendously. However, a meeting with Lindsay (see post from a week ago) helped to put my thoughts in a much clearer perspective.

So, there must come a time in every mom-of-a-boy's life in which she has to say, "I so don't relate - and here you go, "Dad" - this one is all yours". That is definitely the place I am after Sunday night in which John took Brayden to a Duck basketbal game after receiving excellent tickets (it was there second game in a row to go to for free - huge shout of thanks out there to Steve and Doug for donating the tickets).

The seats on Sunday night were about 5 feet from the cheerleading squad - and well, perhaps you can see where we might be going with this one. Here were some priceless quotes from Brayden that John reported later that evening-

"Phooo, I don’t need to watch the game, I’m just gonna watch the pretty girls." (YIKES!)

Upon watching them (closely) doing a routine, he gave a whistle like sound and said, "Look at them shake it!"

And finally, Daddy and him spoke about which game they liked better - John said he enjoyed the Sunday night game and Brayden agreed saying, "It was a better game and a better view......"

You know, John reported all of this and I still don't get it. What is it about pretty girls that turns a guy weird? But, apparently, we can chalk my boy now among the list of "guys" who possess this mystery within them..... I guess there is a partial bit of relief that he's following the mainstream road ahead...., but I can't help but ache a bit for the loss of innocence he's experiencing...... Sigh. I am just so thankful he has John as a Dad that will help him navigate through-


Colie said...

He He He ... this is precious. However, it is a bit sad as he enters into this stage. This new excitement is so hard and it will never end. Our stupid sin nature has to ruin the innocence. I will be praying for you as you are now a mom of a boy with active hormones. Ugh!

One more thing: I have already entered the stage of not understanding my son sometimes. It's been hard! This has nothing to do with girls though!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. My son is almost 9 and either (a) doesn't notice girls, or (b) thinks they're yucky and difficult because they are of the same species as his sisters.

But he is already getting that gangly built and goofy face that reminds me too much of when my younger brother suddenly (and scarily) started spending hours in front of the mirror, developing facial hair, and squawking when he talked. Then there were the one hour showers.

Do we really have to go through all this? Can we just send them away to some sort of Puberty Island and have them come back to us at age 22, handsome, strong, and ready to settle down with a nice Christian girl?


LiteraryGirl said...

I relate. Ash loves cheerleaders. He points out women in cars and says, "Did you see her? She was beautiful." And then there is the classic from earlier this year when our waitress came to the table when Aaron was away and when he came back Ash said, "Did you see our waitress? You would like to see her, she is really beautiful." Never heard my daughter even utter a word about a man being attractive.

StephieAnne said...

I love the idea of "Puberty Island" and am glad to know I'm not the only one who's son is enamored by looks! Heather, Traig still isn't to this point either....