Monday, November 19, 2007

A Couple of Questions 90

Can you believe this rain? I know we need it, and actually, it really has been a bit cozy, but I am very thankful that Thanksgiving looks like it will be rain-free and clear skies..... (Jodi, any snow this morning?)-

1. What are your Thanksgiving/Weekend plans?

2. What are things that you have found have made the holiday season better for you (tips, ideas, traditions, stress-relievers)?

Stay dry everyone!


StephieAnne said...

1. We will be heading out to Mom and Dad's on Thanksgiving with the Schillings and the Whites. This year, we will use Mom's new outdoor arena to try our first ever family flag football game..... the kids (ESPECIALLY BRAYDEN!) are very excited about this. Friday will be the annual shopping day with Mom and Chele and, then, as for the weekend - football and getting our Christmas tree......

2. I realize I am WAY over-the-top when it comes to Christmas. I know it's not for a lot of people, but it is how I was raised and it seems to work for our family, so there you go..... With that in mind, I approach the season with a lot of organization, pre-planning, and starting tasks very early so it all spreads out and doesn't become a burden or overwhelming.

For the record, Brayden has been the one bugging me to decorate the house since right after Halloween. I kept putting him off, but all weekend long, he wanted to know "when, when, when"? As it turned out, I woke up early on Sunday (on my own) and decided to light a fire, get some Chai tea, turn on Christmas music and begin decorating the house. John woke up shortly after and it was such a sweet time for us to relish the moments. Can't tell you how great it was to see the kids' surprise and have the same feelings I had as a child reflected in them in the wonder of the season......

Anonymous said...

1. The kids will be with their dads on TG Day - maybe I'll go to a movie? Not sure. On Friday we'll go to dinner at my grandparents' in Cottage Grove. I actually planned ahead enough to buy those outrageously expensive gingerbread house/man decorating kits for when they get bored. They're really excited about them.

2. The biggest thing that's helped me is making a list of people I'm buying for, and sticking to gift amounts (although I always blow out those amounts with the kids). Also the internet. I can research gifts, then find a place like Amazon where I get free shipping. I HATE shopping in crowds so this is great for me! Also, I stopped caring so much about fancy wrapping and keep it very simple. I use the excuse that we're traveling so bows will only get crushed anyway....

THE TREE?? Oh gosh, I forgot about that one. I'm all tired out just thinking about it.

Jodi said...

No snow. It rained yesterday and is clear today but COLD.

Thursday we are having my friend Jen and her kids over and Aaron's co-worker and his kids over. In-laws are coming Friday for the night. I think we might hit Sunriver. Not sure. No big plans.

I have no big tips or anything.

CresceNet said...
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Colie said...

1. Hoffman Family - Joni and her boyfriend Otis will be there. Hopefully we will be healthy enough to spend Wednesday night and Thursday night. Then we are getting our Christmas tree on Friday. Home this weekend for Christmas decorating:-). (I'm glad it's an Alexander Thanksgiving this year - I know how much you all love it).

2. I try and enjoy everything. If something feels too overwhelming for me I don't do it. There are a few obligations - but not many. We have lots of choices!

Also - with children we limited the "stops" we had to make during the season. We used to try and please everyone. Now we limit that!

HollieHobbie said...

1. Thanksgiving with my little and my parents who are visiting from Maine.
The girls dance at the Festival of Trees on Friday.
And even though we just bought a tree from Costco because no real tree has been "just the right one", we still may go out to the mountains with some friends and get a real one after all.

2. I just don't do it. I try to plan ahead but if it gets too overwhelming, I just don't do it. Also, I have given up the anticipation of a Currier and Ives holiday and just let "it" be what "it" wants to be.