Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Today was a really wonderful day. After watching the annual dress-up "Today Show" - and totally smiling - and then working out while watching "Regis and Kelly" dress up as Troy and Sharpay from High School Musical - it was a very fun morning. I then dinked around a bit, taking advantage of two great coupons in two different bookstores, while having Michele periodically call me to have me listen to the Christmas music being played on the FISH radio station for the day in her neck of the woods. So cozy. Just as I'd hoped, I was able to take it all in.

I will admit, the blood pressure did a little peaking around 5pm, that time right before any event that I end up hosting where, no matter how much preparation and pre-planning, I'm still not quite ready enough, and neither are the kids. Throw in a few phone calls and early arrivals, and I find myself thinking, "how could I avoid this next year?". But, it still all worked out. And, I don't think any amount of pre-preparation is going to solve the problem of keeping the kids still to take a picture when all their friends are gathered around and they are itching to collect the candy from every neighbor within a mile's radius!

I love our little block of streets because it is often ignored on Halloween. There are a few upscale neighborhoods nearby that are the "automatic choices" for kids/parents so people generally avoid this area. That makes for a wonderful time for our little party to cruise the streets at our own pace and not worry about cars or crowds.

This year, I think we all agreed that Adam stole the show. He definitely embraced his cowboy costume and was loving the trick-or-treating experience - so fun to watch. Brayden and Jackson as boxer and mini-boxer were pretty cute as well.

Back at the house, we engaged the kids in a little Halloween Twister (you'd think they'd be exhausted for as much as they'd walked, but apparently that sugar rush brought on a second wind......). The last picture shows Amy in a mask ready to freak Adam and the girls out. She decided it might not end well and took off the mask before he saw her, but I thought it was a cool picture, nonetheless..........

Hope you all had an evening of fun memories and more treats than tricks!!!!

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