Friday, November 30, 2007

Dad's Birthday Evening....

I have this sneaky suspicion Santa might be delivering the family a new camera this Christmas, which appears to be a very good thing as my camera isn't working like it outta be these days. So, I turned the first two pics black and white and sepia to try to salvage them.

Tomorrow, my dad turns 60- Wow, 60. But, the older I get, the younger my parents seem to be getting, at least that's how it seems as the gap seems to be lessening between us.

A December 1st birthday is often a very difficult thing to coordinate for a family function as so many things like to overlap on the weekend closest to that date. So, this year, when we looked at this weekend, with the Civil War, Mikayla's party, Michael and Michele's Fowlers Employee Party, we decided to combine activities by having Dad's "birthday event" at Camp Harlow's Auction. We got a cozy table of 8 set up for the "family" - but, due to Michael's home completion deadline, Lisa got to be Michele's date.

It was a great evening, wonderful music, great company, and as noted by the pictures - amazing dessert. Very expensive though - we had to do a bidding game to determine what kind of dessert our table scored, so that little chocolate "cup" filled with whip cream pulled off from the tiramasu cake cost me quite a pretty penny.

I hope Dad had a great evening, as it was a great one for us. I know I've done the "Dad Tribute" in the past, so I think I might have to steal from the card I gave him and post the words tomorrow on his real birthday in honor of him. Hallmark seemed to a pretty good job, so I'll give them a little credit tomorrow in tribute of my dad......

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HollieHobbie said...

Happy Birthday, Stephanie's Dad!