Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thanksgiving Day isn’t currently over, but so far it is receiving “the best Thanksgiving Day ever” award. What a wonderful day full of all of the attributes I long for when I envision this holiday far in advance. Here are some things that have happened that have made this holiday extra special:

- The “first words out of her mouth greeting to me” of HAPPY THANKSGIVING and a hug from little Ellie
- Waking up to the smell of cinnamon rolls and having breakfast completely made by Michele
- Watching the Macy’s Day parade with the whole family, marking off our BINGO sheets with marker pens
- Having the Whites join us for the entire day – for all of the festivities and having them just completely fit in as part of the family
- Truly the tastiest Thanksgiving meal we’ve made thus far – which is saying a lot, as we’ve had a lot of great meals
- Brayden saying this to Grandpa after being asked: “Do you know where I was when your mom was born?” [Fighting in…] the Civil War! Good one, Brayden!
- The first ever Flag Football game after dinner. SO MUCH FUN! The Ducks played the Beavers – and it ended with “a tie in order for some pie”. I am proud of everyone for being great sports and contributing to the game- particularly with their smiles. (I will admit that the player that really shined – hmmm, that would be me….reception for a touchdown, blocked pass, and an interception – I’m pretty proud of myself if you can’t tell)
- We’re about to start watching the ASU/USC game and we’ll look over the Black Friday ads during halftime. What a wonderfully cozy day-----practically perfect…….

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HollieHobbie said...

great, great pictures!!!! Thanks for taking the time to post them.
What deals did you find Friday???