Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kinders at the Pumpkin Patch

As you can tell by the sudden appearance of pictures, I have my computer back. On Friday afternoon, I felt the sudden compulsion to call the Mac Store to check to see if it was done. The lady looked it up, told me she had good news, and that my timing was impressive. Only two minutes prior had the technicians logged in to say my computer was done. Oh yeah...... A cozy day at home with my precious computer, a fire, several magazines to catch up on, and an afternoon Duck game. However, currently all this is happening without couches in my living room. We are taking our blue ones on over to Leona (it's only fair, more than half of the furniture pieces in our houses are antiques acquired from her!) and waiting for the delivery of our new couches. Thank goodness for the bean bags!

So, last Thursday, I was supposed to be a parent helper to Mikayla's kindergarten class on their trip to the pumpkin patch. The reality that the field trip would actually happen was very touch and go as the weather this last week has been anything but peaceful. The plan was: As long as it's not pouring at 9am, the trip would happen. It wasn't pouring, so off we went.

Mikayla surrounded by pumpkins.....
Here is Mikayla with her two favorite friends from kindergarten: Katherine and Amelia
Though it wasn't raining, it was very cold and windy. Note how ominous the clouds look overhead!
The kids were told they could take any pumpkin they felt they could carry. Clearly, Mikayla felt that this one was too heavy!
I have to admit, I was kind of hoping the trip would be cancelled, but as with almost any special event regarding the kids, once I was there, I was very happy it had happened. Made especially sweet was the fact that I got to ride there and back with the kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Graham. We hit it off immediately and had great conversations...... Thank you Lord, for keeping the raindrops at bay!

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