Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Conversations with My Son

Last week, Brayden was invited by his "friend", Ally to be her special guest at her sister's birthday party. (Mikayla was invited as the guest of her kindergarten sister). We knew Brayden would be late as he had two football games, but he promised to show up, nonetheless. When he arrived, Ally was ecstatic, she had been waiting for him.

When the kids were off playing, John and Ally's mom had a chance to talk. Ally's mom confessed that Ally had been worrying that she is no longer "Brayden's girl". Ally's mom had made it clear that she had talked to Ally to tell her that that was okay, but since we still believed Brayden "liked" Ally, John made that clear and said he would talk to Brayden about it.

In the car, John had a little chat with Brayden that went something like this:

John: Brayden, honey, do you still like Ally?

Brayden: Yes

John: Have you told her that recently?

Brayden: Yes

John: Really? OK, when did you tell her?

Brayden: In second grade.

OK, so, that clears that up. That silly, little sensitive girl - shouldn't she know that of COURSE Brayden still likes her - I mean it has ONLY been a year since he has clarified that ---

Clearly, Brayden is getting an early education on relationships. This morning, we chatted about the girl that Ally thought Brayden liked instead-

Me: Well, Brayden, Ally thinks you like "Suzy" instead.

Brayden: Suzy?!!! No way! She likes ME! And, she's always getting me in trouble.

Me: Oh, well, maybe you should tell Ally that.

Brayden: I already talked to her yesterday.

Me: Really? Cool. What did you say?

Brayden: I waited until we were alone at recess and said, 'Ally, just so you know, I still like you'

Me: Good job, Brayden

Brayden: Mom... It was REALLY hard.

Too cute - Brayden, I hate to say it, but buddy, it doesn't get any easier! Good that he is learning that now!


Colie said...

So cute and so grown up! Men - it starts young. Way to teach the future generation how to express emotions. Our daughters will benefit from this!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was married to a full grown man who was like, "Why should I tell you I love you? Didn't I tell you back in 1992?" My son shows no interest in girls but when he does, I hope I can give him a few tips his future wife will thank me for, like you're doing with Brayden. He sounds like a real ladykiller! ;)