Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good Morning!

Happy October everyone. I am having a hard time believing that last Thursday I was laying in the sun at the park in a tank top. I am so glad I took the kids that afternoon - it will be a while, I think. Now, the polar vests, sweaters, and even long johns (for the Saturday game) have been pulled out. It is cozy, but it came very fast. Welcome to the weather of Oregon......

I have also pulled out the GoLite again and am currently having it radiate its blue waves upon my face. Trying to get this body believing it is okay and expected to wake up before the sun. (Not to mention, pre-chasing away SADD).

Not much new to talk about, hence the lack of posts. I discovered a website that turns blogs into books that has me very thrilled. (Cant remember the name, but I think it has BLURB in it - you could google that) I am currently working on my 2005 posts and will publish and have it returned to me before I work on the other two years. It has you download a program called BOOKSMART which has you go through the process step by step. It can be as time consuming as you want depending on how specific you want your text or pictures laid out. However, I am very excited at the idea of the end project - my version of scrapbooking.

Another fun find, via an email, was this video. It is called the MOMS OVERTURE and I think it will definitely get you smiling.


Colie said...

Can you tell me more about this GoLite? Randy's mom could benefit from this. I have been meaning to do some research but have not yet. Thanks!

StephieAnne said...

I found it in the pharmacy area of Costco. It is a portable (size of a paperbook book) little lamp that displays blue light. You can set it at different percentages of power, have it wake you up in an alarm clock mode, or just use it like I do. They recommend you use it in the mornings as our waking hours begin to conflict with the suns schedule so we trick our bodies into believing we are on the right pattern. Also, the exposure mimics what you would get from sunlight for those that need that for things such as SADD. You can do a lot of reading up on it, but I like this particular product quite a bit.