Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Am I Happy Enough?

I just read Jodi's blog, so it's funny that this would end up being the title of mine.

It used to be that my all time favorite day/time of the year was either Christmas Day or my birthday. Those days were the pinacles of all happiness - promising festivities and merriment of utmost delight. However, as time has gone on, my favorite days to anticipate have shifted backward in the calendar year. This is, of course, because I now realize that my happiest times are in expectation of those "peak" days. Perhaps Thanksgiving - with the Macy's Day parade, family time, "great shopping day" and a month of excitement in celebration of Christmas.

However, now, one of the days I most look forward to is Halloween. It is the "kick-off" holiday, at the height of my favorite season of the year. Autumn in all of its brilliance, crystal blue skies, my grass covered in crimson leaves - and kids - SO excited, to dress up, greet the neighbors, and "just be giddy". I love to bake at this time of year, to make the big pot of chili, and cornbread, and have excuses to make lots of pies and goodies.

So, as Halloween is tomorrow, I'm asking myself, am I now aware that TOMORROW is one of the days I anticipate more than any other for the rest of the year? Am I soaking in this time of year, am I happy? Happy like I always think I should be when I think about this time of year in May or July, etc?

I feel like I have to ask myself these questions because too often, I think, the "Martha" side of me scurries around just crossing things off lists, making advanced plans on the calendar, and robotically going through the motions of each day. Yesterday, the day wasn't too busy, so I decided to make a new recipe of sugar cookies (I think a new favorite), and as a result of quite a silly jack-o-lantern story, ended up carving two pumpkins. It was a happy day - I was savoring the experiences (and too many of the cookies!).

So, as I embark upon these very fun days ahead, I hope I have the foresight enough to check myself as to whether I'm soaking it all in just as I hope I would when thinking about this time of year when it's not this time of year (boy, that's a mouth-full!) I feel like I have been blessed with a very abundant life, the least I can do is fully appreciate it.............

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Anonymous said...

Thank-you Steph for your thoughts on this. Although we've discussed this subject randomly at different times, I needed your reminder to stop being burdened by all of life's to-do's and remember that today is a day meant to be savored.
Great timing and well written!