Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Annual Lone Pine Adventure

On Sunday, an absolutely brilliant autumn day, we ventured out again for our "now-annual" Lone Pine Corn Maze Adventure with the Whites. With the help of John's i-phone, which we used to take a picture of the map at the front of the maze, we cruised through the massive attraction in about a half hour. This time the kids did their own walking as well - they are growing up, that's for sure.

Along the way, we met some folks who apparently never made their way out - the kids were sweet enough to pose with them. We also stopped at the cow train to let the kids take a wild ride.

In typical Riley fashion, we cruised through the experience in total efficiency. It cracks me up how fast we can get through something - once again, why Disneyland with the Rileys can truly be an adventure as we just don't lag around much. It was a great morning with the Whites - part of why I love this season so much!

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