Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Witness to a Blessing

Tonight we had the unbelievable opportunity to witness somebody be blessed by something that will be used as a tool for them to pursue a long-held dream. I dont really feel like it is appropriate to go into too much detail, but suffice it to say - to be a part of this evening was incredible. Of course, not to the degree of EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER, but it felt something like that, especially since this person was tricked into coming over and did not see it coming at all.

The recipient is a person John and I have both respected, admired, and considered a friend since before we were even married - and the talent that this person has to share with the world has touched us and moved us on so many occassions. It is downright exciting and well, the potential is awesome......

Before this person left, we were all able to lay hands on him\her - and pray for their future. It was a very humorous situation as there were kids in the other room that chose to run in at that time - and then run back to the other kids, exclaiming, OH GOSH, LOOK WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO _______ NOW!!!! Lets just say it was hard to concentrate at that moment - the joy in the room was so immense, and not to mention the temptation to break into laughter.

Tonite was a night filled with hope, promise, and humility - truly a night I will never forget.

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