Saturday, September 29, 2007

Game Day

Todays game was so emotionally exhausting. It sounds very silly if you are not a bigtime sports fan, but the cost of emotionally investing in a game can be incredibly taxing. The last quarter of todays game had you ready to give up and just let go, only to believe we could be back in it again - at least three different times. The way it ended, with us 4 yards from tieing it up and 16 seconds left was truly heartbreaking. Oh well, we sure gave it a run- and one can certainly say that this seasons Ducks sure have heart.

I need to devote an entire post to our Autzen Stadium neighbors. Some unbelievable situations today that had me writing my post in my mind as they were occurring. I also spent some time thinking that these are the sorts of people that we are called to love........let me just say that there are some tough people to love sitting right above us.

So, instead of lamenting on the game, or venting about nasty people, I will post a bunch of pictures of our long day at Autzen - beginning at 8 am when we showed up to watch ESPNs GAME DAY-

Here is our family on our way to GAME DAY, stopping for a photo shoot with the guy that drives the Duck Mascot onto the field (when the Duck is not being suspended for beating up the Houston Cougar) on his Harley. His name is Doug Koke and is a business friend of Johns

Views of Game Day - with Chris Fowler, Lee Corso (who did don the Duck Head at the end of the show), and the man titled `my boyfriend` to many women I know, Kirk Herbstreit. Isnt that crowd amazing!

A dream opportunity for Mikayla - getting her picture taken with the cheerleaders (John deserves the credit for making this happen while Travis gets kudos for manueuvering us past security to get behind the stage for primo viewing)

This is Brayden throwing a football at Safeways Tailgating Tent - a big production that they do

Finally, while waiting for Mom and Dad to pick up the kids prior to the game, there was a little bit of two on two that took place.....


StephieAnne said...

Just got the Register Guard. The picture at the top on the front page is of section - in fact I sit immediately left of the man on the cell phone. The folks in the picture are all `good guys`. Crazy.....

StephieAnne said...

I forgot to write - is of OUR section. Travis and Stephanie sit right above the guy in yellow (Mark) and the gal in white (Amy). This is after the game was over and Travis and Stephanie had already gotten up (but, no, we did NOT leave early!)