Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Very Disappointing Easter

So...."Easter 2013" won't go down as my favorite.  I had such high expectations.  The weather was set to be glorious, it was the "on" year to have the Schillings down, and Mom and Dad were both feeling good and ready to hang and play with all of us.  John had spent the day prior power-washing all of the outdoor spaces, and I had planted some felt like we were going to get a summer party in April.  Costco's "Prime" steaks had been purchased to bbq, corn on the cob....and every other "taste favorite" as Michele and I knew it was our last day to party (eating wise) before getting serious in April.

 Michael took this last picture...which should have meant I would have been in it.

But, no, I'm not there.  I was just down the hallway, having a "pity party" in my bed because my head felt like it was in a vice grip.

To back up, all week long - and even the week prior, in terms of head/neck issues, I had been praising God right and left for the fact that prescription pain killers hadn't even been touched.  It was one of the longest stretches I'd had in a very long time, and spring break was a great time to experience it.

In fact, I spent some time talking about that to the ladies the day before Easter, all the while recognizing a bit of pain creeping up.  But, I figured, with as little as I'd needed the prescription pain killers, just taking one of those would put an immediate stop to it.

But, it didn't.  At the intermission of the play, I found myself dry-swallowing another one (nasty!) - and again that night.  I went to bed early believing all it would take was some heat, but switched to ice halfway through the night.  Then, as I found myself awake until dawn, I figured I might miss church service, but then Mom could come and "patch me up" following it.

That is what happened, but by the time Mom came to the rescue, the pain had settled in so deep that it took a lot of recovery after-the-fact to get beyond the nauseousness and pain.  By the time I made it into the living room, Mom and Dad had already left.  :(  Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah!

It's one thing when it is a big social function (that my semi-introvert self feels thankful to miss out on) that I miss, but something like this - when it is a priceless family holiday.... Yeah, I was in a bad negative place.

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