Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Whitley Fix

It's been a while since I've thrown a whole bunch of Whitley-themed pics together - so this will be random.

This was taken on one of the many walks I get a chance to take with Whitley - so cozy.

On Stephie's birthday, after I took her out to see her mommy, I met up with Christi and Heather for a quick lunch.  Again, that little girl gets SO MUCH love.

This pic was taken on Wednesday when Kaela did a quick stop by.  Gorgeous, indeed!

I happen to think carrots are Whitley's favorite.  I prefer the smell of them compared to squash or sweet potatoes, which Steph prefers.  Perfect....I'll take the carrots for my shift.  They are very messy though, especially when you let Whitley get a hold of the spoon.

Mikayla, trying to teach Whitley how to use her ipod...(or more likely, showing her pictures of herself)

Whitley loves her feet and her toes.  She's a very flexible baby - and thinks it's hilarious when I take one of her feet and touch her nose with her big toe.  I love these kind of poses with babies...

She's also a water lover.  Travis and Steph took some outstanding photos/video of their time together in the indoor pool in Sunriver when they took their first family mini-vacation.  She'll be following in her mom's award-winning swimming path in no time.   So, I decided to take advantage of that by having Whitley join me in the shower.  She got a lot more "back-splash" than intended as I washed my hair so it wasn't as fun as I'd hoped for her....but, of course, she was smiling anyway.

One of the dozens of pictures I could take on any given morning of Whitley and Brayden together...

Last Tuesday I went to visit my doctor, Lisa Quillin, to fill her in on some of the details of an upcoming sinus procedure I'll be having- and look at a harmless spot on my leg.  (So, in other words, a social visit).  I mentioned that as the spot on my leg that was the purpose for the visit had already started healing right on its own, I was tempted to cancel the appointment.  Lisa looked hurt as she would have missed out on seeing Whitley again - as well as catching up with me.  She is just a couple of years older than myself and I can't believe how much I scored in having a doctor as priceless as she is - that also qualifies as a friend.  She even called me the other day, out of the blue, just to let me know that she'd ran into another doctor, who's a family friend, that I had helped out when their family was going through a rough time - and after hearing that conversation wanted to let me know how fantastic I am.  Definitely not what a person would expect to hear when they see their doctor's name pop up on caller ID!

In an effort to keep Whitley happy while I'm out at Mom and Dad's getting worked on, I picked up a cheap walker at Target that folds down that can be kept out there just for our visits.  Indeed, Whitley liked it, but what I didn't anticipate was how much Mackie would love it.  He LOVES any and all toys (he's such an interactive, curious, playful dog) - so he thought that all those plastic gadgets, particularly the horn that made the familiar squeaking sound was just for him.  Throw in a cute baby with all sorts of great smells and he was on Cloud Nine.  Because of Bogey and Sydney - and every other home she's ever stayed at/been babysat at (grandparents/aunts) all having dogs - she is very comfortable around them, so Mackie doesn't bother her either.  Eventually, in Mackie's attempts at checking out all of the "toys" he began pushing her walker around the massage room, much to Whitley's delight.  It was so cute.

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sara said...

seriously, that is one adorable little girl!!!