Friday, March 01, 2013

Surprise Photo Shoot of Whitley

Thursday night, at Bible Study, our friend, Leah, gifted Stephanie (for her upcoming birthday) with a hard copy picture and CD of prints of a photo shoot she had done of Whitley several weeks ago.

She had contacted me via Facebook Message to see if I thought it would be an okay idea.  Of course it was, and I loved my part of it in being able to pick out and (have an excuse to) buy some "secret" outfits - since the Whites would be on to the plan if I specifically asked them to pack certain dress up outfits for any given day I had her.

Despite every effort made on my part, I wasn't able to get Whitley to sleep enough before the photo shoot, so we didn't have a ton of time to work with before she got a bit cranky - as she was aching for a good nap by the end of it.   However, Whitley is so beautiful and Leah so talented, that it didn't really matter as she was able to capture some gorgeous shots regardless.

As we cut the photo shoot a little short, we promised to make up for it with future outdoor photo shoots with Whitley when the weather is better (we were struggling with lighting indoors), and Whitley is able to support herself better in poses.  Can't wait!  Thank you again Leah!!!!

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