Saturday, March 16, 2013


In lieu of yet another tournament trip up north, I took Sydney out to Mom and Dad's for a weekend with Mackie.  Usually, when I'm out at Mom and Dad's, it's for my benefit, and my goal is to keep Whitley happy while I'm worked on, but it's not "about her" time.  So, it was great to have a little time to just have fun with her out there - as frequently she gets a little scared waking up in her carseat in a foreign environment in the massage room. 

Grandma pulled out all the stops and let her bounce on the mini-trampoline.  As Mackie is OBSESSED with Whitley and particularly any toys she has, he couldn't keep off of it while it was her play time.

Next up, the horses.  Mikayla and my dad had taken her out to see them on a previous trip when she was upset during one of my sessions with Mom.   However, she was not in the mood for new experiences on that day.  So, I had to remedy that - Mom and I formally introduced her to River.  Not surprisingly, Whitley was fearless.  With all the dog encounters she has in her life, I didn't expect to have a "really big one" scare her.  She pet them, smiled at them - enjoyed it all.  And, sweet River was as gentle as could be.

I don't think we are seeing any signs of "Horse Fever" yet, but I wonder if Travis and Steph will want me to limit some of these visits just in case she does fall head over heels (like my mom has) for horses.  Travis and Steph's home (like ours) isn't quite ready for a "birthday pony".  =)

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