Monday, April 01, 2013

Does It Get Any Cuter?

Eugene School District almost always offers a "bonus Monday" after spring break.  I think it's the perfect transition day - both for teachers, who report that day to prepare, and for kids who need "just one more day". 

Mikayla thought it would be fun to have Kenady to spend some time with us.  Originally, we were going to go for a hike, but given the previous day's headache, I felt like it would be a better choice to do a follow-up visit to Mom instead.  This time, I was able to walk away feeling pain-free...(and have been feeling good ever since as I'm typing this a week out).  Brayden went with the girls and they spent time entertaining Whitley and exploring Mom and Dad's property while Mom and I caught up.

The next stop was a visit to this park - a new one not far from where we live.  The kids opted to ride their bikes while I trailed behind pushing Whitley's stroller (and logging day one of April's exercise ambitions).  

I was disappointed there wasn't a baby swing there, but we found other ways to entertain her- and even though we didn't catch the right expressions, she really did have fun.

Then, the Meyers' kids showed up.  (The park is only a block or two from their house).  They were eager to show off their new Golden Retriever puppy, "Brody".  When pictured, this guy was only 8 weeks old....our golden was 10 weeks when we got her and I don't think she was nearly that big - and now, she is a VERY big golden.  They might have their hands full with this guy!  He was just as cuddly as he looks...

Clearly, his family adores him.

Christina was ready for some cuddly "baby" time, so she and the girls swung with Whitley.

As one friend commented on this pic when posted on Instagram...."A baby and a puppy!?  Seriously that's just not fair!"    Yup, she's's not fair....and yup, I was savoring every moment.

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