Thursday, March 07, 2013

Proud of My Kiddos

Michele just pointed out that if you were to look at what I've been lately posting on my blog, it would seem that it is me that had the brand new baby with as many pictures there are of Whitley.

So, let me take a moment to mention a few things that have come up lately that I feel the need to record in this blog history. 

First up, Miss Mikayla - who ended up on the Gilham Wall of Fame.  Given how new this teacher is to the classroom (only arriving in December), it's extra special that Mikayla was recognized by her to be "a positive and respectful leader in our class".  

Next up, Mr. Brayden.  I don't have a picture yet to prove it - though it will appear in his yearbook - but Brayden was voted by his peers to be "Most Friendly" among the 8th grade class.  Among the other titles of awards - "Best Dancer", "Most Likely to Climb Mt. Everest", etc. - so, I think he scored a good one.  Certainly one we have the right to be proud that he actually earned.

The next accomplishment, he didn't really earn, but it sure is cool.  He is literally "the face" of the Spring Break Day Camp brochure for Harlow.  Now, we sure hope he makes the cut to be out there apprentice counseling!

Finally, and most significant to his future - we got this letter in the mail yesterday. 

A while ago, I wrote a post about making a decision that was quite a journey for our family.  This had something to do with it.  We've made the decision as a family to send Brayden to a private high school in Eugene vs. the public school, Sheldon High School.  It's not that we think Sheldon is a bad school, it is just very, very big - and we aren't confident that Brayden would ever find a "successful niche" there.  Interestingly, once we made the decision to pursue Marist as the school of choice, we've only felt better and better about the decision.  Brayden is genuinely excited, is already taking ownership of the school and "community feel" about it - and we are thrilled that the teacher to student ratio is 1:21 - Brayden will not get "lost in the cracks" there.  (And, hopefully, with that "most friendly" title, he'll be a very positive contribution there too). 

So, receiving this letter of acceptance in the mail was yet another step in the journey towards adulthood Brayden is on....well done so far son!


Lydia said...

First, I can't even believe you are looking at high schools. Crazy how fast time is going by! Second, Marist has a great football program. Our insurance agent at JB has coached there for years, so we always hear how they are doing. Same size school as Silverton, so we occasionally meet up for playoffs. I already know that schools are the hardest decision ever, and God made you Brayden's parents for a reason, so I'm sure the decision was the right one!

Tiffany said...

Congrats on some many fine accomplishments!!!:)