Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Happy Birthday Stephie!

Tuesday was Stephie's birthday.  When I looked on the 2013 calendar and realized it landed on a weekday, I planned to take Whitley out to see her.  It's the very least I could do! 

Ironically, a couple of weeks prior, I got an email from Steph's assistant, Rhonda, introducing herself and asking if I would be willing to bring Whitley out for her birthday.  "Already on it!"  So, we had a fun couple of exchanges determining exactly when I'd show up.

The goal was to get Whitley to sleep first - and then head out after the nap.  It worked pretty well, though she woke up before we got all of the birthday knick knacks purchased....that's okay - Whitley enjoyed picking out the Mickey Mouse birthday balloon and card for her mama.

I was so happy to get to Steph's work and recognize what a fabulous staff she works with - who were all so eager to see the very happy Whitley and hold her and love her and exclaim how big she's gotten since the last time she was in.

This is a picture of the superintendent of Junction City School District (Steph's immediate boss), Kathleen - she has been immensely supportive of Stephanie in making sure to accommodate her "new mom" needs.  

The gleam in Steph's eyes throughout the passing around of Whitley was absolutely priceless.  She has every reason in the world to feel such an enormous pride - and such a thankful glow - for her incredible daughter.  Forget the Mickey card and balloon - there's absolutely no greater gift that Whitley could ever give her mom than simply being in her life. 

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