Monday, March 18, 2013

Return to the Pool

A couple of weeks ago, John returned to OHSU to see the doctor who performed his cornea transplant.  He got the great news that it is healing exceptionally well, his vision is steadily improving, and...most importantly to the kids....he can lift a weight over 20 pounds again and go swimming!  Woo hoo!  They have missed their daddy during our visits to the hotel pool!

With Mikayla's club volleyball team, there are two tournaments a month from January through May.  However, due to spring break, February and March seem to have them all back to back.  On this one, we opted to stay at our Lake Oswego Fairfield Inn.  Notice Brayden in the background on his pull out sofa...he was a little bummed to be the one shafted from the king size bed.  We'll return to two queen beds in the future.

Saturday morning took us to the pool.  Together again!  I was playing around with my phone camera settings and found some cool features to try to capture them "in flight".

As it turned out, Kenady's club soccer team was playing on Saturday about 15 minutes from where we were staying.  As Mikayla has wanted to support her by catching a game, we figured this was as good as time as any.  Unfortunately, it was POURING down rain throughout...  The good news, we were cozy next to Jonna under a gigantic umbrella.  The bad news, Kenady didn't have that benefit.  She played her heart out, though - so impressive.  That girl is such an outstanding athlete.

The tournament on Sunday was a casual one, without an effect on overall standings.  The kids had fun, ended up in third place and we were on the road heading home by 3:30....perhaps a new record for the quickest tournament exit. 

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