Saturday, March 09, 2013

Another Beautiful Friday

I really can't do a lot of complaining about the weather we've had here in Oregon.  For the last several weeks, we've managed to get our "sunny weather" on the weekends....if you are going to get a lot of rain, this is the way to do it - balanced with sunshine on weekends.

Because Brayden's middle school is on a trimester schedule, he had the day off on Friday for it being the end of the term, while Mikayla (sadly) had to go to school.  (She gets a couple days in November for parent conferences, so it evens out).  Our plan for the day was to go see "Jack the Giant Slayer".  We tried to coordinate Whitley's sleep patterns to give us a long stretch at the movies.  While it always sounds good in theory, Whitley doesn't conform to other people's manipulation all that well.  However, given she is a 6 and half month old baby - she did excellent in the theater.  I walked her around the corner a couple of times when she was starting to get vocal, but she fell asleep for the second half and no one seemed bothered at all by her presence.

We realized as the end credits were rolling that we had five minutes to get over to the elementary school to pick up Mikayla - oops!  One of the few times, I'm glad we got her a cell phone.  She met us at the accompanying park next to the school and we treated ourselves to a little play time.

Whitley is indeed a thrill seeker - so the feel of the wind across her face and being swung in the baby swing was VERY fun for her.  I suspect we'll be spending a lot of time at this park in the future. 

Our well laid out plans for a great Friday went a bit awry when we got news that Mom was diagnosed with a return of pneumonia (her poor immunity system just can't kick it completely, so she's pretty susceptible).  So, the evening in which we were supposed to go to listen to Kim Meeder at the Womens' Retreat (Michele, Mom, and myself) , turned in to an early bedtime for the Riley family.  We needed it.  Due to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday - in combination with a volleyball tournament, it will feel like we will be departing the house at 4:45am.  I'm yawning even as I type this. 

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