Friday, March 01, 2013

A Glorious Friday

Friday showed signs of being a beautiful day - and since it was a Friday, we were in high spirits.  Brayden was being goofy with Whitely and stuck her on my back while I was hastily putting on make-up.  She got a kick out of it.  (Whitely pretty much loves any time in front of the mirror).  

After dropping Brayden off to school, Whitley and I met up with Lisa and Steph Hoffman for a walk.  We only had an hour, but it was an excellent time spent catching up.  

Whitley slept like a CHAMP on Friday - she must have known I had a huge party to prepare for and a salted caramel cheesecake to make.  When she woke up, we spent some time outside on the back patio.  It was March 1st, after all, we might as well embrace the sunshine!  I worked on my whiteboard calendars - filling in the dates of March and April....spring is right around the corner!  

Later that evening, once John got home - we had a family volleyball game.  Sometimes the kids will nag for activities like this and you'll kind of roll your eyes...and then, after partaking, you end up so thankful for the time spent together.  Let it be said, that the girls beat the boys this time around....we plan to keep that win streak going. =)

The Whites arrived as spectators (they can verify that we won!).   We took it easy on a "It's Been TOO Long Friday-Night-Whites".  When Travis left with John for Starbucks, I offered to take sleeping Whitley and she ended up wrapping her hands around my arm.  She snapped her eyes open just as Travis took this picture.   What a precious way to wrap up a glorious day.

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