Wednesday, February 02, 2011

At Least I'm Consistent.....

All in all, yesterday was a very good day. I had my doubts, however, when I walked into the school where I was subbing only to be told that another substitute would be informing me of the lesson plans, as she is the one taking over the classroom for two weeks (bereavement leave), but on that day, had already been scheduled in another classroom. Between hearing that and seeing the one or two word "lesson plans" per subject in the lesson book, I figured I was set for another day of arduous employment.... However, the kids (who were actually 4th graders and not 3rd), were excellent, I found myself smiling a lot, and no headache came on.....! I also ended up having quite the chat at the end of the day with the other sub. Talk about a life derailing....but I was glad I could be there for her - a stranger in her life just to spill some secrets to - and help to process the changes in her life that were taking place even as we sat together, as evidenced by the texts she was getting on her phone.

When I got home, I hurried into Betty Crocker mode to prepare Dutch Babies for our Tuesday night group. I prepared the toppings, got the bacon ready - and then struggled with the Dutch Babies. This is something I know by heart - and make a ton, so why it chose not to work (didn't rise right) yesterday when I was ready to enchant the crowd with its "wow" factor is beyond me. I think it had something to do with the foil pans I had to use to fit in our oven simultaneously.... Oh well, I did plenty of disappointed whining last night with the girls - they liked them anyway - so maybe I'll just put a single batch together another night, made with the right pan - and let them see just what they were missing. One of those little lessons in life that screams, "Get over, yourself, Steph.....".

Following "breakfast-dinner" we were on our way to Strike City for some bowling. Right away, Heather and Courtney dazzled us - in fact we totally thought we were getting hustled by Courtney. It turns out, though, that she's not so consistent. The first three frames were "Strike", "Two Gutters", "Strike"....we had fun laughing with her. I, on the other hand, was quite consistent - hitting "9" on most of my frame totals. While that's a narrow miss from the goal on each frame, by never getting a spare or a strike, it does nothing for the grand total score. I ended up getting two spares by the end to have me narrowly take second place. I beat Stephie by 1....she wasn't too happy. =) (Especially since the "Spare" that gave me that 1 point lead only happened because the last pin dropped on accident...)

Courtney and Heather:

Heather has some "mad skills" and the kind of form that tells you she knows what she's doing...

Courney and Elaina - our b-day girls this weekend....but, at this point, they didn't know we knew that! =)

Me and Steph....

Heather and Kaela (who provided all these pics I'm using....)

The final scores of our group - these scores are so impressive, huh?!

Upon returning home, we surprised the b-day girls with a cake that Kaela had picked up....

...and flowers and cards provided by Heather.

Sadly, our group was reduced by two this week - Christi was "sick-sitting" her fiance who has the flu, and Kimmie was recuperating from her own emotionally taxing day. I guess that just means we'll have to schedule another "fun night" with our group soon so that we can make sure they don't miss out. =)

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Tiffany said...

I think it is so cool you have a "fun night" with the girls! Congrats on coming in second..whoohoo!!!