Thursday, February 17, 2011

Proving that I'm Not Very Black and White...

Happy Thursday everyone - the three day weekend (at least for kiddos) is very close, woo hoo! The Schillings are coming down this weekend to attend the Civil War basketball game courtesy of Christmas present tickets given to all the "boys" from the Whites. And, then, on Sunday, we'll be going to see "I Am Number Four" in the movies. This is actually a good lead-in to some other stuff I was going to mention.

The movie is based on a young adult book that I read and then passed on to Brayden who passed it on to Steph who passed it on to Michele who passed it on to Traig and then to his dad. It looks like it was some pretty big guns (Spielberg) who put the movie together so I have high hopes. The book is not Christian, does have some language in it, (more than I would have preferred, but less than a kid is going to hear on any given day in a public high school). It's hard having a son who is VERY PICKY about what he reads - I find myself doing a lot of young adult reading just to find something that "clicks". This one did - and I'm thankful it's just the first of many promised in the series. Hopefully the movie will take the "higher road" and highlight the action vs. language or other "adult content".

Having said that, I find it amusing that I was also going to confess that my latest song download was Katy Perry's "Firework". When I first started hearing about that gal and the costumes she wore (including the low cut shirt on Sesame Street) I was appalled - and now, here I am, supporting her by purchasing one of her songs!'s a fun song! And, one that would help me pick up the pace in the gym for sure. It also brings back happy memories because the first time I ever heard it was when we were all loaded in the car returning from our sledding run in Sunriver - played on the Disney XM channel. The words are actually quite inspiring. All this just leads me to recognize that I'm not a "black and white" mom when it comes to rules for this home and what we watch, read, or listen to. Perhaps I should be more - but, I am pleased with the results we are actually seeing in our kiddos when it comes to discernment.

This "confession" may come back and bite me, but the other day I was upset with Mikayla for trying to control me and the decisions I make (it was concerning her saying "no, don't take it" to a job offer that day). I was already irked at her so she knew I was serious. She said, "I'm sorry Mom, I'm acting just like 'Michelle' from the "Bachelor"". So, yes, she has watched that show with us - and yes, her comparison in that moment was spot-on....but...... well, I think you know why I'd have mixed feelings about it all. Not the bast programming for her to view, however, to her credit, she seems to be absorbing a lot about human nature and character - and what is attractive in a person and what is not. Oh sigh....I'm opening myself to lots of character judgment simply by admitting all of this, but, for the sake of transparency, there you go.

On a final note - I received the most hilarious forwarded email from Michele pertaining to "creative responses" that a teacher might add to report cards for those "underachieving" children. I'm not going to throw myself under the bus even more by putting them up on this post as they are definitely not "PC", but if you are curious, feel free to let me know and I'll Facebook message them.... Our family laughter in the car about such "political incorrectness" on the way to church (after a delightful dinner with Leona!) just demonstrates one more way that our family is anything but the ideal role models for perfect living......

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Jodi said...

Chad's son is 10 but reads books around pre-teen level like crazy. I might get this one for him. Let me know how the movie is. Always fun to see a Glee character out of Glee character. lol.