Monday, February 21, 2011

Play Hard, Rest Hard

It's hard to believe there's snow in the forecast with days like today. As Michele and I took a walk together, I already saw a flower on one of the flowering plum trees and plenty of daffodils ready to bloom. Poor things, they'll be so confused come Wednesday when things shift dramatically weather-wise.

So here's a few pics of the girls playing on the trampoline - with a whole slew of balls and a sheet to do a kind of a modified parachute moms it makes us so content to see the three of them out there, getting fresh air and exercise - and actually, much of today that was spent inside was playing the Active Life game - which had their faces bright red and breathing hard as well.

I wish, however, that the kids could settle down as soundly and easily as Sydney in the evenings. If we were smart, we'd put Brayden and Mikayla to bed around 7 tonight, just to offset the lack of sleep they've gotten this weekend from playing so hard. Given tomorrow will be its own let down of having to return to school and not having their cousins around - added crankiness from sleep deprivation would not be good!

I know Sydney gets a lot of attention with this blog, but really, how could you resist snapping some photos of this? She looks like a little golden fox all curled up...

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Camille said...

Lovely pictures of your dog, I really like the colors of it.