Monday, February 21, 2011

Surprise Visit

That couple that I just announced got engaged....well, they just stopped by my house for a surprise visit!!! Truly, I feel incredibly honored as I know they have so many folks to make their announcement to around Eugene en route back to Portland, so to know they stopped by to see me literally made my day.

I got some details - Brian did it right. He asked her parents, arranged for a special snowshoeing excursion (they are very outdoorsy and love the Oregon mountains), and then part of the way through their adventure he dropped down to one knee and asked her. Yes, she anticipated it, but with the fresh powder all over the majestic landscape and snow falling down, I'd say it was rather perfectly executed. To top it off, he arranged to have her best friend (along with his best friend) waiting at the restaurant (where they'd had their first date) that they went to eat at that night. Kelli was floored to see Heather and Steve sitting at the table awaiting them....I so appreciate that because when you are so's so hard to hold back telling all those closest to you, and yet, a phone call just won't do. Well played, Brian, well played.

What a treat to have them stop by, once again - so HAPPY for them!


Anonymous said...

Love you Steph! I'm so happy we could stop by and say hello :)

StephieAnne said...

me too!